99 City Road Conference Centre, London

IRG is proud to be a media partner to the 2018 Satellite Communications Systems Course from the IET. Now in its 33rd successful year, IET Satcoms provides up to date technical training for technicians, engineers, business professionals and students.

The industry-standard course programme presents a comprehensive overview of satellite communication technology and applications, so delegates can learn practical skills required for design engineers, such as fundamentals of link budgets; spacecraft and earth hardware design & engineering incl. antennas; payload and earth station engineering; networks and system design, current commercial and military use as well as likely future trends.

The lecture sessions are complemented by a choice of industry-focussed project exercises undertaken in groups at the end of the course to make theory applicable to practical industry tasks.


Register or find out more here: https://events.theiet.org/satcoms/index.cfm?origin=sirg.