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The TASK FORCE issues being covered by IRG would not be complete without mentioning our colleagues in the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) who have been tackling a number of important topics in the area of Interference.  One in particular that IRG has been helping with is their Training and Certification initiative…

So what is the GVF Training & Certification initiative?

Today’s increasing deployment of two-way, interactive, broadband satellite networks has created a major challenge for satellite and network operators, system integrators, manufacturers, and equipment installers throughout the world. Installation procedures for bi-directional satellite systems are complex. As demand for and installation of satellite solutions rises, and in the absence of an industry-standard installation training course, satellite industry companies are paying a price due to signal interference, network inefficiency, low mean time between failures, higher maintenance and after-sales service requirements, and impaired customer perceptions.

By far the easiest and most effective way to overcome this is through a process of Training & Certification. By giving those installers and indeed suppliers, the tools and skills to do their job effectively, we can greatly reduce the install errors. A system of installer certification can further incentivise that, but also means that operators looking for installers know exactly who has received the appropriate training to install an effective, well thought-out transmission site.

The GVF VSAT Installation & Maintenance Training Course was created to serve as the global industry standard for installers of bi-directional satellite earth stations. It was established by a consensus of expert volunteers serving in the GVF Education & Training Working Group.

The course was developed and is hosted by GVF’s training partner SatProf, Inc. The course uses animation and simulator-based interactivity to highlight make learning easier. Technicians who successfully complete the training course are automatically added to the GVF Certified Installer Database.

GVF has also formed numerous partnerships with companies such as Intelsat and Gilat to train their installers and ensure that they all come up to the required standard.

IRG is actively supporting GVF on this matter and helping engage the new RFI EUI broadcaster group to enhance both in-house and contracted services, to ensure all personnel working on any satellite transmission system are properly trained and certified in a similar manner to that being promoted by GVF for VSAT.