Carrier ID (CID) is an embedded code containing contact information, which enables the satellite operators to quickly and easily identify the source of an interfering transmission. The latest version, DVB-CID, adds a low power spread spectrum carrier on top of the carrier, meaning that the correct transmission doesn’t need to be interrupted to identify the interfering carrier, this minimising impact.

The roll-out of DVB-CID has already begun and the Space Data Association (SDA) has a beta CID Database online for members, which will soon be available to all operators.

The major operators have detection systems in place and most have completed their own internal work on adding CID to all transmissions.  95% of all Modulators and an ever increasing number of DSNG Encoders (in excess of 50% of total market) now have DVB-CID available.

There are a number of important milestones and guidelines you need to be aware of:

Effective Now:

  • CID should be included in all Requests for Proposal for SCPC and MCPC video and data.
  • CID that meets the ETSI (DVB-CID) standard in all new modulators purchased for video uplinking.
  • All satellite operators should have begun the transition to use CID on all customer uplink transmission services.

By 3rd September 2016:

  • CID required by FCC for all SNG transmissions in USA. There is a waiver applied to this date to allow full compliance by 3rd September 2017!
  • Link explaining the Waiver from FCC…

By 31st December 2017:

  • Transition to DVB-CID.
  • CID included for all SCPC and MCPC video and data transmissions.

The focus of the CID working group is on encouraging the industry to now implement CID right across the chain, and educating the users about how to be CID compliant.

Chairmen – Martin Coleman, Executive Director, IRG and George Melton, Director of Engineering - Teleports, Turner Broadcasting Systems

Below are links to further resources relating to the new DVB CID Standard. You will also find further material in our Resources section of the website.



Carrier Identification Brochure

IRG CID Overview

FCC Rule ATIS/CID - 47 CFR 25.281 For CID Requirement date of June 1st, 2016 go to the Federal Register document/Vol. 79, No. 29 /Wednesday, February 12, 2014 /Rules and Regulations Page: 8325, Para: 25.281, 2b (in third column)

Eutelsat has also setup a dedicated email for any CID related enquiries concerning its satellites or tools.